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Pumpkin is a bright orange block that grows in different biomes, always several pieces nearby. The pumpkin can be planted and grown in the beds, the main thing is to find pumpkin seeds. A pumpkin sprout will appear in the garden, and the pumpkin itself will grow on an adjacent block. When using bone meal, the sprout will grow faster, but the growth of the pumpkin itself will not be affected. If you break a pumpkin, then 1 pumpkin will be dropped. If you place a pumpkin in your inventory or workbench, you can get pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin can be used to make a pie, quite hearty. Also made from pumpkin Jack's lamp is a strong light source. If you put a pumpkin on your head (place it instead of a helmet), then you can look at Enderman and not be afraid of an attack

  • Minecraft versions: 1.19.2 /1.19.1 /1.19 /1.18.2 /1.18.1 /1.18 /1.17 /1.16
  • ID: pumpkin
Pumpkin in Minecraft

Where to find pumpkin

Here’s where you can find pumpkin in Minecraft, i.e. where pumpkin in Minecraft.


What can be done from pumpkin

Here it is indicated what can be done from pumpkin in Minecraft, i.e. which recipes use pumpkin in Minecraft.


Who to sell pumpkin

Here it is indicated to whom to sell pumpkin in Minecraft, i.e. who buys pumpkin in Minecraft.


Get pumpkin command

Here is the command that allows you to get pumpkin in Minecraft, that is, how to create pumpkin in Minecraft.

Pumpkin can be summoned using a command in creative mode.. This requires:

  1. open chat (press “T”)
  2. write command /give @p minecraft:pumpkin
  3. press “ENTER”

You can also specify the number and to whom pumpkin will be issued:

  1. /give @p minecraft:pumpkin 10
    get 10 pumpkin
  2. /give MinecraftMax minecraft:pumpkin
    pumpkin will be given to the player with the nickname MinecraftMax


Video about Pumpkin

Here you can watch a video about Pumpkin in Minecraft, that is, a selection of videos about Minecraft, where there is Pumpkin.


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