How to craft Breeding in Minecraft: crafting recipes, resources, photos, tricks and tips.

A chicken appears if you feed two chickens with wheat, pumpkin or beet seeds. At the same time, hearts appear around the chickens, then a chicken and experience. The second way to get a chicken is to find a chicken egg and throw it in an empty spot (right click). There is a 12.5% chance that a chicken will appear. Chicken grows into chicken in 20 minutes

Chick in Minecraft

Where to find chick

Here’s where you can find chick in Minecraft, i.e. where chick in Minecraft.


How to breed chick

Here it is indicated how to breed chick in Minecraft, i.e. with which you can breed chick in Minecraft.


Summon chick command

Here is the command that allows you to summon chick in Minecraft, that is, how to create chick in Minecraft.

Chick can be summoned using a command in creative mode.. This requires:

  1. open chat (press “T”)
  2. write command /summon minecraft:chicken ~ ~ ~ {IsBaby:1}
  3. press “ENTER”

You can also specify the coordinates by which chick will be called:

  1. /summon minecraft:chicken ~ ~ ~ {IsBaby:1}
    the current coordinates of the player
  2. /summon minecraft:chicken 100 ~ 200 {IsBaby:1}
    X coordinate = 100, Y = current Y coordinate of the caller, Z coordinate = 200
  3. /summon minecraft:chicken ~10 50 ~-2 {IsBaby:1}
    X = current X-coordinate + 10 blocks, Y = 50, Z = current Z-coordinate – 2 blocks

X – coordinate from west to east, Y – height, Z – coordinate from south to north.

Variations of summoning commands chick:

  1. Chicken’s call egg


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