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Ender’s Gate

How to craft Buildings in Minecraft: crafting recipes, resources, photos, tricks and tips.

The Ender Gate is a 1 block high portal through which the player can access the distant Ender Islands. There is Ender's city, a floating ship, Horus plants. To get through the gates, you need to throw Ender's pearls into them or crawl into them using the hatch

  • Minecraft versions: 1.19.2 /1.19.1 /1.19 /1.18.2 /1.18.1 /1.18 /1.17 /1.16
Ender's Gate in Minecraft

Where to find ender’s gate

Here’s where you can find ender’s gate in Minecraft, i.e. where ender’s gate in Minecraft.


What ender’s gate gives

Here is what you can get from ender’s gate in Minecraft, i.e. which gives Ender’s Gate in Minecraft.


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